MEGABYTES! The Musical

533 Sutter, 94102

The highlight of this week was MEGABYTES: The Musical! What a delight to take in some local culture at the Shelton Theater, off Union Square. Megabytes is a witty and loquacious comedy revue about “surviving tech,” written by Morris Bobrow.

Whether it’s convention culture, wearable computing, GPS love, automated customer service, or staring into your phone to avoid awkward interaction, there’s a joke and a ditty for all. I chortled, giggled, snarfed, and guffawed all the way through the fastest 80 minutes of my week (no intermission).

Being an executive nerd, I caught Megabytes! in preview on Saturday night. This baby opens on January 26th and runs until March 3rd. San Franciscans (and their visitors), if you’re looking for a local show, with a gorgeous bar across the street (at Hotel Rex) and tremendous choices for tasty eats all within a couple of blocks, book Megabytes! The Musical for a lighthearted night on the town.

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