Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Conference At CSU Fullerton

csuf-sealFullerton, CA, April 29-30, 2016 — California State University’s Fullerton Campus will host this year’s Philip K. Dick Conference, entitled Philip K. Dick: Here And Now. The conference will explore and celebrate the significant contribution Philip K. Dick’s writing has made to the world of science fiction literature, cinema, philosophy, and modern storytelling.

philip-k-dick1The vibrant two-day conference will feature panels, lecture presentations, collaborative presentations, student symposia, creative writing workshops, and art shows. Some of the presentation categories include: Humanizing Androids, Shakespeare & Philip K. Dick, Speculative Reality, Religion & Philip K. Dick, Systems Of Power, and Artificial Intelligence.

sf.Lethem-1_Friday’s keynote, entitled The Philip K. Dick Society: A Preliminary Archaeology, will be given by author and Philip K. Dick scholar, Jonathan Lethem (Gun, with Occasional Music, Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress Of Solitude). Lethem edited the Library of Congress editions of Dick’s selected books.

ursula-heiseSaturday’s keynote, entitled Dick’s New Natures, will be given by Dr. Ursula Heise, UCLA Professor of English and Guggenheim Fellow. Heise has authored several books on literature, environmental culture, media theory, science, and science fiction.  Her upcoming book is entitled Imagining Extinction.

The Philip K. Dick Conference will also feature panel discussions with a treasure trove of authors, publishers, and intellectuals; many of them personal friends and colleagues of Dick. Noted panelists include James Blaylock, Gregory Benford, Tim Powers, Jonathan Lethem, Ursula Heise, Howard Hendrix, William Sarill, Grania Davis, Tessa Dick, Daniel Gilbertson, Bruce McAllister, Greg Rickman, Paul Sammon, Gregg Rickman, Jacob Weisman, Gary Westfahl, and Maer Wilson.

Other noteworthy presenters:

  • Author Suhail Rafidi (TJ & Tosc, Cetus Finalis) will discuss Dick and AI in “When is intelligence artificial?”
  • David Gill (editor of Dick’s Exegesis, CSU scholar, author, and the web’s Total Dick Head) will present an analysis of Dick’s tactics of self-promotion.
  • Nathaniel K. Miller (editor, Pravic magazine) will treat on mental illness and neurodiversity in Martian Time Slip.

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