10 Things To Do In San Francisco During Superbowl Sunday

Photo by Brad Wilson
Superb day for an Owl game.

It’s a brilliant, bright, balmy, sunshiny Sunday in San Francisco! Birds are singing, raccoon are sleeping (most of them), and the azure sky is crisp with coastal air. Oh yes, and the Super Bowl is on. (Though I’d rather pack one, and my San Franciscans feel me.)

One incidental boon of the Superb Owl is that hundreds of thousands of people who would usually be enjoying San Francisco’s public spaces, shopping chances, and civic amenities are glued to TV screens safely indoors or packed into an enormous Santa Clara arena. Here are 10 things for the savvy San Franciscan to do during this welcome reprieve.


10. Mattress shopping. (The price gouging sales folk will be irked, stuck missing the game on a day so slow. You’ve got the high ground to lowball. Get in there and haggle that Simmons BeautyRest down to $600!)

9. Beachcoming. (Ocean beach is beautiful this time of year, particularly when the sun shines as warm as today. The strand is long and the shallows are clear. Shells, sand dollars, and more unique beach treasures abound.)

8. BBQ in Golden Gate Park (The picnic tables are deserted. The rains have regreened the meadows, and all this sun has dried and invigorated them. Perfect for outdoor dining.)

7. An epic bicycle ride. (With so few cars on the road [except the afficionados from #2] you’re golden. All that fabulous scenery, a brilliant bright warm day with cool Pacific air. Get on the Bay Ridge, climb Hawk Hill and shoot out to the lighthouse, kick south down to the Sawyer Camp Trail regions. This is the day to ride!)

6. Feed the homeless. (Visit the security-corralled homeless shantytown under the highway and bring something nutritious to share. Spank you, Superb Owl!)

5. Dine at Zazie (Or State Bird, or Burma Superstar, or any notoriously busy San Francisco restaurant with a waitlist reputation.)

4. Trader Joe’s at Masonic and Geary. (With that needle’s eye parking lot, this is your moment!)

3. Museum time (Museums are best when the galleries are nearly deserted, so you can float through and relate intimately to the art. And yes, I mean nudity. Think of it, the ever popular and usually crowded De Young, the curiosities of The Academy of Science, the distinguished and stimulating Asian Art Museum, the picturesque Legion of Honor…all deserted. Get your culture on!)

2. Driving fast on your favorite roads. (Practically all Bay Area police are working event-related security. And those who are on the job, are not on your favorite speedways. You know what I’m talking about…and HEY! Mind the cyclists from #7!

….and the #1 thing to do in San Francisco during Super Bowl Sunday is…

  1. Costco run (Kick-off is at 3:30, time accordingly.)


Honorable mention: Grab your drugs and enjoy Dolores Park, because it will not look like this today.

Thank you for reading! Reading rules!